Overview #dk30-spring-2019

I am taking part in #dk30-spring-2019 which you can find here.

The Project is structured into 4 Weeks. MY output should be thirteen blog posts and an interactable cloud thing.
In order to get a clean front page I am creating this post so I can collect my links while I move the project forward.

Week 1:
I am a proud owner of an AWS evaluation account which will last for a year.
Thinking about what may come in handy in week 4 and what I want to accomplish I think what I need will contain:

  • Hosting a remote machine for actual development in the cloud.
  • Hosting a CI / CD container that automates josb.
  • Hosting a package repository to store my artifacts
  • Integrating CI CD with artifact storage
  • Hosting orchestration
  • Scaling orchestration
  • Integrating CI CD with orchestration
  • Using a webservice for authentication
  • Running a db container
  • regular db backups and recovery
  • service replication for geo locations
  • client side computation
  • twitter integration

Looking at that list makes me feel a bit squeamy since I know those topics a bit and I am not sure If I have enough pare time to pull this off in a month.
Never give up, never surrender :)

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Make a list of thirteen Tutorials that represent individual technologies. Complete three Tutorials. Publish three summaries

Complete five Tutorials. Publish five summaries

Complete five Tutorials. Publish five summaries

Find an interconnected example that uses some technologies in a connected way. Create a tutorial for that example. Publish that tutorial.